oh well, at least zayn looked good

-ancient one direction proverb


did anybody else get really uncomfortable when it zoomed in on harry

snack and a bit of reading before hitting the gym! #3dayweekendFINALLY


→ Tywin shielding Tommen

A royal wedding is not an amusement.

I could have done without the hunting scene. (Make me sick in the book just reading about it, seeing it was way too much.).
But even more, I could have really done without the ‘let’s feel bad for Ramsay cause he have daddy issues’ scene. (Even tough the Theon/Robb feels were on point.) Cause yeah, I don’t need that shit tbh. 

Also Cersei/Brienne was just awkward as fuck, what is even the point of that. 

finished my first workout! #selfie #gym